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reports, via a statement from the sales company Carnaby International.

“As an official representative of the film, I can confirm that there are no contractual commitments in place between these two parties and the film is still in pre-sale negotiations with buyers worldwide,” sales company Carnaby’s press representative Hayley Hamburg said in a statement.

Ruby says: Ten years ago, just after I got divorced, Reena and I went on holiday to Jamaica and everyone assumed we were friends.

Attending a Christmas party in Los Angeles over the weekend, onlookers were quick to notice Mara's exquisite engagement ring as she stepped out with her beau.

The raven-haired beauty looked the picture of happiness as she posed for photos, making no attempt to hide her new bridal accessory.

The incident is believed to have been the final straw for his girlfriend, heiress Reena Hammer, who is said to have told him: 'Check into rehab or I'm dumping you.' The 24-year-old, who is the creative director of Urban Retreat, the beauty company founded by her father, George, has been dating Rhys Meyers since 2004.

A source told The Sun: 'She has told him to get serious counselling for his drink and anger problems or else she will be taking a hike - out of his life.' It's the third trip to rehab for Rhys Meyers, who first sought help in April 2007.