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Marriage plans don’t seem to be a big factor for older couples.” Kirschner attributes the many options women have these days to higher education, better paying jobs and career opportunities. More Options, Less Commitment Relationship columnist Tom Blake has written three books on the subject of middle-aged dating. They also stay together longer, five years versus under two for their younger counterparts. And yet, despite all of these advances, many women still want to get married,” Kirschner said. Marrying for love is a beautiful thing but having your own finances is power. ” Older is better “Well, the latest research on living together shows that older cohabitors form happier and more stable relationships than younger couples,” psychologist Dr. She is the author of “They have fewer arguments, less conflict and spend more quality time together than younger couples. What’s different this time around is you’re wiser, educated, and most of all you have your own money.Some couples, though, say with a straight face that sex is not necessary to have a happy, satisfying marriage.

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Mark is kind, patient, loving and completely selfless.My husband and I divorced in 1996 after he left me for one of my work colleagues.I couldn't bear to stay in Hertfordshire, where we lived, so I left my friends and family and moved to Hastings to start afresh.We were sitting on the Little League bench ostensibly to watch our 11-year-olds play, but instead we were doing what we moms typically did — grumble about parenting, aging, work, menopause and marriage. ” “Absolutely,” I answered, nodding my head perhaps too enthusiastically. I was about a year out of a 14-year marriage, and as a 40-something I was extremely interested in sex.“I don’t know what’s happened to my libido,” one mother said to me in a hushed voice. What I wanted to say to her was: “If you had a new lover, you’d find your libido.