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On May 9 of that year, they were playing the mighty Cardinals, a loaded team that would go on to win the World Series.

The man on the mound that day was Bob Gibson, one of the best and most terrifying fireballers in baseball history.

Gibson had staked the Cards to a big lead, and he now needed just two more outs to bag a complete-game win.

Hunt was due up next, and he knew all about Gibson’s blazing fastball, his tendency to come inside with it, and his neverending quest to intimidate batters into submission.

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And what would his career numbers look like if he hadn't missed nearly four full seasons while serving in World War II?New York Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman, born in Holguín, Cuba, is perhaps one of the best-known people among his countrymen in Major League Baseball.His terrifying fastball, which is clocked at 100 miles per hour, has gained him notoriety in the world’s most demanding baseball, and he is considered one of the most intimidating pitchers in all of baseball. (January 6, 1920 – April 4, 1999), nicknamed "Gus", was an American Major League Baseball (MLB) right-handed pitcher.He pitched for the Washington Senators, Cleveland Indians, and Chicago White Sox during his 23-year major league career.