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Authorities seized over 50 grams of drugs at Jaycee’s house, where he was hosting a party in which Kai was one of the guests.Due to their criminal offenses, Kai and Jayce may face three to five years in prison in China.Frustrated by Jaycee’s escapades and box office failures, Jackie had declared that he will give all of his financial assets to charity after death while forcing Jaycee to earn his own money.

The men were almost identical in their black suits.Shu Qi’s Valentino dress is sort of out of place and her hair is just plain wrong.The french braid can be both casual and dramatic if done the right way but hers was just messy.Just last week, Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi’s budding romance came to light straight from the horses’ mouth via better known as Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo.I suppose the two got so close during filming for the drama which ran for close to five months! According to eye witnesses Aaron was spotted in Puff’s neighborhood and the two were chatting casually but when they noticed people snapping at them, Puff got into the car.