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Anyway, when the movie starts, she’s celebrating being a judge by throwing a party at her glass house.

While neither gets an opportunity to display their acting chops, viewers will not soon forget these beautiful, vivacious, pretentious ladies.But then nothing earns Annette’s respect, as her stalwart BFF Baker (Dree Hemingway) knows all too well.While Baker suffers the indignities of dating in L. — a fling with a wealthy client (Tate Donovan) of her interior decorating business ends badly, and her cousin (Kentucker Audley) keeps promising to set her up with a colleague who never materializes — Annette decides she’s not happy with Elliot and breaks off their five-and-a-half-year romance.After a difficult season of grief, she's taken over the family business of coordinating the town's most beautiful and memorable weddings with the help of her friend and co-worker Roseanne (Kim Fields).Wendy's business and values are challenged, however, when the charming and incredibly irritating Marco opens shop as a divorce attorney right next to her wedding chapel.