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In 2002, Rascal won the Sidewinder award for Best Newcomer MC.

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Meanwhile, "hoodied" Chelsea footballer Didier Drogba turned up looking more like a rap star. He didn't look out of place next to actual rap star Dizzee Rascal, who was also in the Eastern-themed club.

They arrived separately but ended up chatting together.

After a session of Thai boxing the 28-year-old Bow-born rapper has been driven from his home in Kent to his recording studio in Forest Hill and “some weed” has been consumed on the way. The video is a riff on the London riots in which a gang of menacing-looking masked hoodies perform good deeds, like some boy scout grime posse.

“If Miley Cyrus is f***ing sparking up spliffs in front of 40 million people after bigging up her young fans, I think we’re all right.” This week sees the release of the single Love This Town, a rousing, arms-in-the-air paean to London from his fifth album, called simply Fifth.