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We do this by integration with the software updates component of Config Mgr.

The Create Automatic Deployment Rule Wizard starts.

Sometimes we think that why are we downloading the same updates for each of the PC separately?

Or feel that its really hard to keep track of what’s got updated and what’s not?

This tool downloads all the patches as per your selection and stores in a folder, which will contain an executable to update any PC () offline.

Not only that before updating it also detects that what already had been updated and more of it, the tool downloads updates in incremental ways, so that every time the folder will keep on growing to catch up the new updates.

Enter a Name for the rule and then choose a collection (I have used my test collection).

If you are running a setup of at least 50 PCs then you sure must be knowing about WSUS already and if you not or thought that its too hard to implement then its about time to take note of it.

As a minimum, you should create an additional group that will include a selection of computers that you use for testing before deploying updates to all devices.

Log on to a machine on your network that’s a member of the WSUS Testing group as a local administrator, open Windows Update in the Control Panel and click Check for updates.

The others didn’t appear to have any duplicate SID problems but having them appear in the WSUS administration webpage was still a challenge.

Looking around the web, I found a variety of suggestions to fix the problem; most of them involved changing the registry.