Pound of fish dating

Fish farms can fulfil the large demand for popular yet reduced wild stocks of fish such as salmon but they can also cause environmental problems, especially those set in areas without strong currents; or that rely heavily on chemical sea lice treatments – a potential biohazard to other creatures.

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Species labelled “sustainable” in one product may not be sustainably caught or farmed in another.

Pole-and-line catches are generally recommended over fish captured in large nets, while the practice of “longlining” continues to pose a serious a risk to seabirds and sharks in many regions.

Overfishing in the 1990s caused a rapid collapse in the number of cod in the North Sea and across the Atlantic – that depletion is yet to be fully recovered.

The fin along their back runs more than half the total length of the fish, and the tail fin is larger towards the top than the bottom.

Bowfin are greenish in color, sometimes with brown or gray shading, and have a white or yellow underside.